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My dolls and other creations are made from fabric or a combination of fabric and paper clay.

They are one of a kind....using antique, vintage and new fabrics and notions.

Each doll is named, signed and dated.
They are for decorative use only and not meant to be toys!

If there are flaws in the fabric I will disclose them to the best of my knowledge.
Please accept small imperfections as part of their charm!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


While winter out there is frightening,
there has been a Bunnie sighting.
And though the winter can do some harm,
these little bunnies are dressed up warm.
Others are snuggled up in their lairs,
waiting out winter while dancing in pairs.
Soon will be spring and bunnies galore,
will again be celebrating the great outdoors.
"Fern Hedgerow"
Fern is dressed to the nines in her warm
winter- white woolen garments.
To keep her warm while skating,
she wears her beaded fur collar.
Only the finest for Fern!
Her over skirt is a marvel of  embroidery,
which is totally hand done.
The fabrics used in her clothing are from about 1890 to 1920.
Her skates are made by my hubby,
and then painted and glittered by me.
Fern is a "bling" gal.
The bow is antique satin ribbon.
Fern stands 25 3/4 inches tall
to the tip of her ears.
Her ears have wire and can be positioned as you like.
She comes with a stand,
but by just pulling down her stand,
she can also sit, as her knees are bendable.
Fern Hedgerow can skate to your home for
Fern has been sold .
Thank you very much!
Ruffles and her best friend Babe
are on their way to a friends house.
(She is wondering, if Babe will be allowed inside)
But if not, her pretty wool coat will keep her warm.
She has to gently scold Babe to come along,
as she finds constantly interesting things to view.
And it is not exactly warm outside.
Her clothing is a combination of old and new fabrics.
Babe wears a little bell, so it's easy to find her.
For provisions she is carrying bales of hay.
Ruffles motto is....that you can never be too prepared...
It piece of bark made just the right carrier......
......and her hand knitted gloves help
 keep her toasty warm if needed.


Ruffles stands 18 1/2" tall to the tip
of her ears, which can be bend to suit.
She is attached to her stand.
Ruffles and Babe can wander to your house.
Ruffles has been sold.
Thank you very much!
"Lilly Lawn"
Lilly is dressed in an antique children's dress.
I reworked it to fit her dainty little body.
This dress is about 100 years old, and all made
lovingly by hand, every little stitch!
The fabric is cotton with a shirting print.
Shirting prints were used to make shirts...
hence the name.
I have carefully washed it, but a few light
stains remain.
I think they add character.
Oh, I believe this sweet dress could tell many stories.
Her underskirt is made from old flannel,
and will certainly keep her warm.

Lilly was given this little charm for her ribbon
by her Mama.
It is her favorite adornments.....

....besides her velvet strawberries,
which hold the promise of spring to come.

If this is not the sweetest face.

The color is off a bit here, but it shows you
the light stains.
The pretty tag is antique and is printed "Germany"
on the back.
Once more in all her glory.

Lilly is 25 1/4" tall, and can be removed from
 her stand and be seated.
Her ears can be posed.
Lilly has been sold.
Thank you very much!
"Melissa Rabbit"
Cute, sweet little Melissa!
Dressed in all antique winter-white woolens,
she is ready for the great outdoors.
Having a fur muff certainly helps to
keep her paws warm.

Her pretty collar is handmade with
such beautiful beading
She even loves to show her "backside".

This dress is made from an antique woolen
underskirt, about 100 years old.
It is all stitched by hand!

(Missy, I hope I made you proud!)
What a cute name!
Perfect, just perfect for her.
Melissa and I played a bit together,
and she suggested that the collar
could also be worn this way.
Beautiful, don't you agree?!
Melissa Rabbit stands 25 3/4 " tall to the tips of her ears,
which can be positioned as you like.
She comes with her stand, but can sit nicely.
Melissa Rabbit has been sold.
Thank you very much!
Wispy is a party girl....
that is...
she loves giving parties for all her friends.
Oh, and she is good at it!!!!
She prepares everything with much flare,
and in great detail.

She knows also how to dress for the occasion.
Today she is wearing one of her precious jewels......

......and a beautiful lace shawl adorned with
ribbon and rosettes.
She made sure, that each guest will get
a party favor, and which bunny
would not love a scrumptious carrot!
Wispy is ever the most gracious hostess.
Her dress is made from embroidered
 antique winter-woolens about 100 years old.

She announces herself as she walks in
by carrying her stick-rosette,
 and tapping it on the floor.

Wispy stands 18 3/4" tall to the tip
of her ears, which can be bend to suit you.
She is permanently attached to her base.
Wispy has been sold.
Thank you very much!
I hope you enjoyed visiting me and my bunnies.
 All bunnies are made from brushed cotton.
Their features are drawn, painted and embroidered.
All my work is signed, dated and copyrighted.
 All of the bunnies are signed on the back
of their undies, and-or under the base.
Please refer to my sidebar on how to order,
and other info.
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the phone.
Let me know by email, and we will take it from there.
I want to thank you all for your great support,
and all the sweet comments and mail you have written me.
I greatly appreciate it !!!!
I will get back to commenting next week.
It has been VERY hectic around here.
I wish you a happy
Valentines Day!
May you spend it with the person you love,
 be it hubbies, children, friends or pets.
God bless,