This is the place where you can view my dolls and creations.
Some are for sale and some have already found new homes!

My dolls and other creations are made from fabric or a combination of fabric and paper clay.

They are one of a kind....using antique, vintage and new fabrics and notions.

Each doll is named, signed and dated.
They are for decorative use only and not meant to be toys!

If there are flaws in the fabric I will disclose them to the best of my knowledge.
Please accept small imperfections as part of their charm!

Thank you for visiting!

Monday, October 20, 2014


                                      "Things to know"
                         Before purchasing, please refer to
                                     "How to Purchase"
                                        on my sidebar.
                  These dolls are not intended for children.
                 Color display on your computer my differ.
Most of my dolls clothing is made from antique and vintage
                                   fabrics and notions.
                Please accept imperfections as part her charm!

                               ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

Aggie is wearing a dress made from beautiful
Victorian polished cotton and beading.
Aggie is 19" tall and is attached to her stand.
Aggie has been sold.
Thank you!
A pretty white pumpkin doll,
just perfectly dressed.
Lumina is 18" tall and attached to her stand.
SOLD! Thank you! 
Magnificent Millicent!
Her pumpkins are made
from Paper Clay.
The orange pumpkins are
a bit more orange than
showing in the picture.
Millicent is 19" tall to the tip of her bells.
She is attached to her stand.
Her hair is silk. "Fluff" it with your
fingertips to your liking.
SOLD! Thank you!
Ready to go to her Halloween party.
Look carefully at the black fabric.
It shows tiny off-white acorns
on Victorian polished cotton. 
Marigold is 17 1/2 " tall and attached to her stand.
SOLD! Thank you! 
Lauralee is a doll dressed in new fabrics.
She is 17 1/2" tall and attached to her stand.
Kirbie's head is made from Paper Clay.
Her body is made from fabric.
Her jacket appears to be blue,
but is actually black.
She is 19" tall and can either sit or be on her stand.
Kirby has been sold.
Thank you!
I hope you enjoyed my new dolls as
much as I had making them.
God bless,