This is the place where you can view my dolls and creations.
Some are for sale and some have already found new homes!

My dolls and other creations are made from fabric or a combination of fabric and paper clay.

They are one of a kind....using antique, vintage and new fabrics and notions.

Each doll is named, signed and dated.
They are for decorative use only and not meant to be toys!

If there are flaws in the fabric I will disclose them to the best of my knowledge.
Please accept small imperfections as part of their charm!

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Monday, December 10, 2012


Tildie is made from vintage
fabrics and notions.
She carries vintage and new toys
in her peddlers tray.
She has curly wool hair.
Her features are painted, drawn and embroidered.
Tildie is 17 1/4" tall,
and permanently attached to her sparkly stan
Tildie has been sold.
Thank you very much! 
Sweet Bliss is made from wonderful
thick soft brushed German cotton fabric.
Her clothing, except for her muff
is made from vintage fabrics and notions. 
The muff is made from old wool sheerling.
Hubby made the skates.
Now she is ready for a skating party,
all bundled up and warm.
Her kind face has old button eyes.
Bliss is 24" long, but sits only 13" tall
on her weighted bottom.
Bliss has been sold.
Thank you very much! 
Rabbit sighting!
This adorable rabbit is going for a
"Joy Ride"
She decided to play Santa Claus
to all the animals in the forest.
Her clothing is made from vintage and new
fabrics and notions.
The body is made from soft brushed cotton.
Her beloved reindeer is made from twigs.
Her jacket has a row of tiny red beads buttons.
She carries a little metal lantern to guide her
while she is riding on her reindeer at night.
Just plain adorable!!!!!
I have her coming......
........and going.
She carries greens, berries, and
of course carrots in her cone shaped twig basket.
"Joy ride rabbit" is attached to her reindeer
They are together 18" tall to the tip of her ear.
(The ears have wire in them and can be posed)
She is 14" long.
Joy Ride Rabbit has been sold.
Thank you very much! 
My sweet little snow girl is made
from fabric and Paper-clay.
Her head is attached, but can be slightly turned.
She is on a snow-glittered stand,
permanently attached.
Her arms can be posed.
Her clothing is made from vintage fabrics and
She carries this wonderful vintage ornament.
Twinkles is 16 1/2" tall.
Twinkles has been sold.
Thank you very much!
Appropriately named, Ginger is my kind of gal,
carrying baked goodies.
She is dressed in new and vintage fabrics and notions.
Ginger is not attached to her stand.
Her arms have wire and can be posed.
Her braids are wool,
her face painted, embroidered and drawn.
Her hat is also her cape, made from an old doily.
I used a variety of little buttons for her
gingerbread man.
The little hearts I hand-sculpted and painted from paper-clay.
Ginger can come to your house carrying her goodies
Ginger has been sold.
Thank you very much!
"Evi's Santa"
Although I make all kinds of Santa's,
the white ones are my favorite.
This Santa is made from an antique wool blanket,
given to me by my friend Laura@52flea.
He is wonderful from the top of his hat to his toes.
His tree is lightly frosted.
I hand-sculpted his face from paper-clay.
His body is wood and fabric,
the beard made from the softest curly wool.
He has the kindest expression in his eyes.
His basket is cone-shaped and made from
birch bark.
Very unusual.
It is filled with greens, vintage toy soldiers,
a train, and a cuddly teddy.
From his waist hangs a little vintage block and
Noah's Ark, which hubby cuts out, and I paint.
I made him this little dolly from paper-clay
to take to good little girls.
A little sheep accompanies him on his way to some good little
farm boy as a welcomed pet.
Evi's Santa is 21" tall.
He will make a beautiful addition to any home,
to be passed on to many generations to come.
Evi's Santa has been sold.
Thank you very much!
A pretty little lady all dressed in
antique fabric and notions.
Her lovely face is painted, stitched and drawn.
Her hair is soft wavy wool.
 The fabric here looks distorted.
I was too close with my camera.
She adores her little bird Peep.
He resides in a beautiful birdcage,
after flying around the house to keep
his mistress company.
Fleurette is 18 1/2" tall.
She is not attached to her stand.
Her arms have wire and can be posed
Fleurette and Peep have been sold.
Thank you very much! 
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and any other information.
I name, sign and date all of my dolls,
usually on the back of their undies.
Santa's under their base.
All of my creations are protected by Copyright Law.
I hope you enjoyed your visit.
I wish you a very happy holiday.
May your season be healthy and bright,
and may all of your wishes come true!
Many blessings to you all,