This is the place where you can view my dolls and creations.
Some are for sale and some have already found new homes!

My dolls and other creations are made from fabric or a combination of fabric and paper clay.

They are one of a kind....using antique, vintage and new fabrics and notions.

Each doll is named, signed and dated.
They are for decorative use only and not meant to be toys!

If there are flaws in the fabric I will disclose them to the best of my knowledge.
Please accept small imperfections as part of their charm!

Thank you for visiting!

Monday, December 14, 2015


Before ordering, please refer to
"How to Purchase"
on my Side Bar.
Thank you.

My dolls are not intended for Children and are for decorative use only!
Color display might be different on your computer.

Please be patient, it takes awhile to mark things sold,
but I'll let you know if you got your doll as soon as I can.

The dolls clothing is made from antique and vintage fabrics and notions unless otherwise stated.

Please accept imperfections as part of their charm!

 All my creations are signed and dated either on the back of her undies or the base they stand on.

The heads of the snowmen/woman and the kitty cat are made from paper clay. Please handle with care!

The shoes used as sleighs are also antique and made of leather.

              Enjoy the show.


"Bianca and Max"

Made from thick vintage flannel.
Her dress is made from vintage homespun and
antique off-white wool fabric.

Max is a handmade sheep from my
vintage collection.
I do not know the maker.

Bianca is25" long, sitting at 15 1/2" tall

with a weighted bottom.
Thank you very much.

"Glitter and Star"
A sweet mom and child duo.
Can't you feel the love and joy!
Dressed in  antique off-white woolens,
sitting in a vintage wedding shoe.
They are 10 3/4" tall, 9 1/4" long and 3 14" wide.
Thank you very much.
She is adorable dressed in her finest.
Her dress is mad e from the prettiest
wide embroidered fabric and her jacket is winter white
antique wool.

Bonnie carries an antique glass ornament from Germany.
She is attached to her stand,
and is 17 1/2 ' tall

Thank you very much.
I adore her.
She can be kept out all year to keep you safe.
She is made from wonderful antique fabric which was once
an underskirt about 100 years ago.
Her hair is natural hand-dyed silk.
Her wings are made from petals of  a flower made
with silver bullion wire.
She is wearing ballet slippers on her feet.

                                  Thank you very much.

                                    "Crystal De Winter"
This snow lady is attached to a platform.
She is weighted with heavy pellets, dressed in antique winter whites.
She is carrying a vintage ornament.
She stands 17 1/2" tall.
Thank you very much.
"Frosty De Winter"
He is Crystals hubby.
He is made dressed in vintage wool 
carrying handmade sheep from Germany in his cone.
The other one is from my vintage stash.
 He stands 18" tall,
is weighted down.
Thank you very much.
She reminds me of an Jane Austen gal. 
Fenella is dressed in antique calico
and winter-white wool.
Little bells are attached to her jacket.
I made her stocking out of two shades of linen.
Thank you very much.

"Gloria and her pet"
Sitting happy in her ride to have new adventures.
She never leaves without her pet swan who is
glittered for the occasion.
A lantern lets them navigate the night.

                                       Thank you very much.



Bliss is a beautiful rabbit dressed in antique 

winter woolens.



She is 25" tall and can sit freely. 
Her pretty twig basket is filled with curly
bullion wire twigs and a little bird.
You could gently pull out the bullion and replace it with
little silk flowers for spring.
Thank you very much!
Dressed so pretty in red and white and ready
to bring her bouquet to someone she likes.
Her skirt is interesting, made from a child's skirt
with the year 1899 embroidered in the back.
 Twinkles stands 16" tall.
Thank you very much.
In the spring I tried to make dolls for sale, but
because there was so much going on here
with getting the house ready for sale next year,
I never got to make but one bunny and a witch.
I present them now because I don't know what
will be going on next year.
So, here is precious Fleur.
Made from such pretty antique fabric.
It even has an "Egg print".
How unique!
She is carrying strawberries and a sweet little basket. 
She is 25" tall and not attached to her stand, so she can easily sit.
Thank you very much.
And we are ending with Haggie".
I had fun making her.
Her shoe is antique and gorgeous.
Her head is made from paper clay.
The kitty is made from paper clay and pipe cleaners. 
And any respectable witch must have a moon
to guide her .
This one I made from paper clay,
her little bucket was purchased once,
God knows where.
I collect constantly for just such creations.
A closer look at her kitty....
and you can see the lovely detailing on the shoe. 
Haggie is 12' tall, 8" long and 3" wide,
permanently attached to her platform.
Thank you very much.
I hope you had fun browsing.
I certainly had fun making my new babes.
Wishing you all
Happy Holidays
and my God bless you now and in the new year,


Tuesday, December 8, 2015


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               Before ordering please refer to
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                            Thank you.

Hope to see you!
God bless,