This is the place where you can view my dolls and creations.
Some are for sale and some have already found new homes!

My dolls and other creations are made from fabric or a combination of fabric and paper clay.

They are one of a kind....using antique, vintage and new fabrics and notions.

Each doll is named, signed and dated.
They are for decorative use only and not meant to be toys!

If there are flaws in the fabric I will disclose them to the best of my knowledge.
Please accept small imperfections as part of their charm!

Thank you for visiting!

Monday, December 15, 2014


Before purchasing, please refer to

"How to purchase"
 on my sidebar.

These dolls are not intended for Children!
Color display might be different on your computer.

Please be patient, it takes me awhile to mark things sold,
but I'll let you know if you got it as soon as I can.
It gets pretty crazy around here.
And boy, I hope there are no COMPUTER problems.

The dolls clothing is made from antique and
vintage fabrics and notions.
Please accept imperfections as part of their charm!

The heads of the snow gals and Santa's are made of
paper clay. Please handle with care.

After going through my antique shoes,
I decided to part with some of them,
and give them a new life as sweet sleighs
for my "babies".
Most of the shoes are made from soft leather.


All Sales are Final!


This little gal is sitting in an old children's ice skate

marked underneath "Japan".

It is not made of leather, but looks this way.


Base is 9"L...2 3/4"W.....11 3/4H
Sold. Thank you!
A Santa riding in an antique shoe made
of sturdy fabric.
The shoe was a loner....wonder what ever happened to
the other one......well before my time.
The "side" pockets are actually worn-out insets.
I lined them with linen, and now we have
the pockets that can carry the goodies.
This sort of gives you an idea.

Bells tell of his coming.
He stands on a base 9 3/4" L, 3" W, 13"H,
mica dusted.
Sold. Thank you!
All dressed in antique winter white woolens,
she is a sight to behold.
She is carrying handmade (not by me!) woolen acorns
with real caps.

Crystal stands 17" tall,
and is attached to her stand
Sold. Thank you! 
What a sweet little face!
sitting in a lovely antique shoe of soft leather,
bringing glitter snowflakes.
Sparkle shoe sits on a stand 9" L, 3 1/4"W, 10 1/2"H
Sold. Thank you!
waiting for more snow...... that she can take her little buddy and
his snow balls around in his vintage sleigh.
Frosty stands 17" tall and is attached to her stand.
Sold. Thank you !
What a ride!
But so much fun with Mom right behind you.
And moons to show the way. (Yes two!)
Mom and child are sitting in a soft leather
antique shoe.
The ribbon looks pink in my picture, but is actually light beige.
The base is 9" L, 2 3/4" W, 11 1/2" to the tip
of the moon.
Sold. Thank you!
Maddie wanted to join the Winter creations too.
And look what she got for Christmas.
Yap, it was her hearts desire.
The little pooch is antique, made from chenille wire.
(I think)
He is sooo cute!

Maddie stands 17 1/4" tall.
She is able to sit too, you just
have to flatten her wire hoop.
Sold. Thank you!
I wanted to honor all the pets out there
and there masters,
and in a cats life...their servants...
Be kind to them, love them, and they
are yours, heart and soul.

Here is mischief.....

a small child's best buddy......

......and someone to sleigh ride with and play in the snow.
I cannot take credit for making these very sweet pets.
I left that to other very talented artists.
This beautiful Santa stands 20 1/2" tall,
dressed  all up in winter woolens.
 Sold.Thank you.
And with this last little picture,
I wish you happy sleigh rides,
baking cookies, enjoying your festive homes,
but most of all,
hug your loved ones tightly,
let them know how much you care.
Be kind to your friends and people you know.
Give a smile to a stranger on the street,
and help where you can.

Monday, October 20, 2014


                                      "Things to know"
                         Before purchasing, please refer to
                                     "How to Purchase"
                                        on my sidebar.
                  These dolls are not intended for children.
                 Color display on your computer my differ.
Most of my dolls clothing is made from antique and vintage
                                   fabrics and notions.
                Please accept imperfections as part her charm!

                               ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

Aggie is wearing a dress made from beautiful
Victorian polished cotton and beading.
Aggie is 19" tall and is attached to her stand.
Aggie has been sold.
Thank you!
A pretty white pumpkin doll,
just perfectly dressed.
Lumina is 18" tall and attached to her stand.
SOLD! Thank you! 
Magnificent Millicent!
Her pumpkins are made
from Paper Clay.
The orange pumpkins are
a bit more orange than
showing in the picture.
Millicent is 19" tall to the tip of her bells.
She is attached to her stand.
Her hair is silk. "Fluff" it with your
fingertips to your liking.
SOLD! Thank you!
Ready to go to her Halloween party.
Look carefully at the black fabric.
It shows tiny off-white acorns
on Victorian polished cotton. 
Marigold is 17 1/2 " tall and attached to her stand.
SOLD! Thank you! 
Lauralee is a doll dressed in new fabrics.
She is 17 1/2" tall and attached to her stand.
Kirbie's head is made from Paper Clay.
Her body is made from fabric.
Her jacket appears to be blue,
but is actually black.
She is 19" tall and can either sit or be on her stand.
Kirby has been sold.
Thank you!
I hope you enjoyed my new dolls as
much as I had making them.
God bless,

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


                                               THINGS TO KNOW!

                            Before purchasing, please refer to

                                  "How to purchase"
                                          on my sidebar.

This sweet little bunny
is the bearer of love,
and renewal.
Her scepter announces this for everyone to see.
For it is the Spring Season!
Bonnie is decked out in beautiful
antique off-white light wool fabric,
  trimmed with antique lace, flowers and ribbon.
Her body is made from brushed cotton.
She carries the sweetest vintage egg
with little doves nestled on it.
There is a lot of cooing going on.

Beautiful embroidery adorns the hem.


Yes, love is in the air.
Bonnie is 18" tall to the tips of her ears.
She is permanently attached to her stand.
Thank you very much.
Welcome pretty little Josephine.
She is as fresh as a sunny day in May.
Her body is cotton, her face painted,
embroidered, with curly wool hair
framing her face.
She wears a cute little bonnet to protect her
from too much sun.

Her beautiful outfit is made from
antique fabrics and notions.
The print is delicate with rosebuds and says spring.

She carries a basket for strawberry gathering.

Her large strawberry is made from old silk velvet.

Josephine is 17 1/2" tall.
She comes with a stand, but can also sit.
Thank you very much! 

"Lula Mae"
Oh, Lula Mae!
A precious bunny.
Sweet as she can be.
Her body is made from brushed cotton......
......and her layered dress is made from
an antique dress, from which
her over skirt was once the collar,
with a vintage cotton skirt underneath.


She is holding a rabbit pull toy.
I do not know the age of this toy but it is charming.

Here you can see the color of the fabric best.
Love her interesting flower and old velvet ribbon.

Lula Mae is 24" tall to the tips of her ears.
She has a stand, but she can also sit.
Thank you very much!
Beautiful Sabrina is ready for spring.
Her body is made from cloth, her face painted,
stitched and embroidered.
Curly wool hair sets off her kind face.
Sabrina is a sitting doll, with a weighted bottom.
When she sits, she it 13" tall, otherwise 23 3/4".
Her clothing is chique....
made actually from vintage French cotton fabric
with a stunning print in gorgeous colors.


She is hoping that a birdie will love the nest
and make it it's home.

Sabrina is ready to join you.
Thank you very much!
"Spring Joy"
A charming vintage linen Make-Do.
A sweet birdie nestled in a little basket, filled with flax,
caring for her wooden eggs.
The wings carry needles and pins.
Please keep out of reach of pets and children.

She is caring for some tiny eggs for a friend.
They are safely tucked in a top of an acorn.
Her perch is an old wooden leg,
no idea what it was from.
Great patina!

Spring Joy is 7 1/2 tall.
Thank you very much!
"Daisy Hare"
Oh, what an absolutely darling rabbit!
And she is wearing a treasure, her little
egg necklace with a surprise....

Daisy is made from brushed cotton,
and dressed in the fabulous off-white
fine wool antique fabric.
 And here is her.....................

So, here we are with the age-old question.
What came first,
the chicken or the egg.
There is no unanimous answer.
I love the way the little chick made her home
snuggled in the egg.
The egg is a vintage piece made from shell
trimmed in brass.
What beautiful embroidery!


Daisy Hare is 24" tall.
She comes with a stand, but can also sit.
Thank you very much! 
She is the sweetest little gal.
Her face is painted and embroidered,
her hair beautiful curly wool,
tied under her straw hat to protect her
from too much sun.
Although she loves her freckles,
enough is enough.

She is wearing a gorgeous dress
made from antique cotton fabric,
and carries vintage flowers in her hand.
She is definitely ready for a garden party.


She loves carrying her little pewter birdcage.

Zoe is 18" tall.
She comes with a stand but can also sit. 
Thank you very much!
What a beautiful rabbit!
Willa is made from brushed cotton,
and is attached to her stand.
.She is ready to attend the very famous
strawberry festival in her town.
She dressed herself in most wonderful
antique fabrics and notions.

Her strawberries look appetizing, made from different fabrics.

She decided that it would be a perfect day for
an outing for her pet chicks.
They are all excited and can hardly wait.


Willa is 18" tall to the tip of her ears. 
Thank you very much!
All important information is on my sidebar.
I hope you enjoy my new creations,
as much as I had fun making them.
 God bless,