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My dolls and other creations are made from fabric or a combination of fabric and paper clay.

They are one of a kind....using antique, vintage and new fabrics and notions.

Each doll is named, signed and dated.
They are for decorative use only and not meant to be toys!

If there are flaws in the fabric I will disclose them to the best of my knowledge.
Please accept small imperfections as part of their charm!

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Thursday, September 19, 2013


Oh yes,
Laurie was looking forward to fall.
She had been growing her pumpkins,
and one was particularly grand.
And sure enough,
it won first prize.

She tried not to show how very, very pleased she was.....
acting all demure.
It just would not have been right to act too excited,
since everyone was trying so hard to win too.

She pinned the ribbon on to her skirt.....
and decided to hand out some of her prize-
winning pumpkin seeds.
She hoped that would make everyone happy.
{{{Oops...I got the spelling wrong!
She will arrive with a corrected ribbon,
spelling it the RIGHT way.
I must have been daydreaming.....}}}
And just as Laurie was about to leave,
she turned around for one more picture
with her prized pumpkin.
Laurie is about 18" tall.
She is permanently fixed to her stand.
Her clothing is made from new
and vintage fabrics and notions.
Her hair is curly wool with wire
in her braids, so you can pose them.
Her face is painted and embroidered.
Laurie has been sold.
Thank you very much!
Beautiful Arabella can bewitch anyone.
Her hair is a wonderful rusty-auburn color.
She stands about 20" tall to the tip of
her cute witchy hat.
Her clothing is made from antique and
vintage fabrics and notions.
She has a wired underskirt
to show off her pretty get-up.

As long as anybody can remember,
she has traveled with her little companion
He lives in a box, but when he wants to frighten someone,
he jumps up and says   "Boo".
The problem is, he never frightens anyone,
he is just too cute.
Arabella and Bookin can fly to
your house and bewitch you.
Arabella has been sold.
Thank you very much!
If you need fabrics and notions of
the finest quality,
Isabell is your gal.
She always tries to carry what is the
latest in style, and she has quite a
fashion conscious clientele.
She keeps herself in muted clothing,
as not to compete with her lovelies.

 Her pretty hair is kept under a wonderful lace cap,
inspiring her customers.
Her demeanor is quiet and helpful.
 Her face is embroidered and painted, her hair wool roving.

Isabell's goodies are numerous and pretty.

 Even from the back she looks well put-together. 
She is 18" tall and
permanently attached to her stand.

Isabell is about 18" tall.
She and her fineries can
travel to your house.
Isabell has been sold.
Thank you very much! 
Beautiful Marisol got her name
because of her sunny disposition.
She is about 18" tall,
and is permanently attached to her stand.
Marisol's  beautiful face is embroidered and painted,
her hair is made from natural curly sheep's wool.

Pretty coming and going.

Her favorite pastime is gardening.
When her roses are in full bloom,
she brings them often to old Lady Oxmoore,
who is infirm.
Because of all the sweet things Marisol does,
she is very loved and held in high esteem.
This young lady was inspired by
 my love for all things Jane Austin.
She would fit right into the "Pride
and Prejudice" novel.
Her pretty frock is made from wonderful
antique fabric and notions.
She carries a little metal scissor,
a metal watering can and vintage fabric
roses in a willow basket.
Marisol can bring her kindness and charity to
your home.
Marisol  has been sold.
Thank you very much!
For Lillian herb growing and  beekeeping
is her pride and delight.
Her honey is a wonderful treat.
Her bees are pampered with an array of
wildflowers that keeps them happy and productive.
And much to every ones delight, she also grows
the best and most aromatic herbs.
Now, it has been said, that she is always
worried that her customers tend to her herbs with love.
She feels the bees and her herbs are like her children,
and she wants only the best for them.
Lillian wears her pretty hair under a straw bonnet.
The hair is hand-dyed curly sheep's wool.
Her features are embroidered and painted.
Lillian's clothing is made from antique
fabrics and notions.
Her herbs are potted in an aged little clay pot.
She is about 18" tall,
and permanently attached to her stand.
Of course she has the most wonderful bee skep
with a little bee trying to land in her hive.
{I made the bee skep from Swiss braided roping}
Lillian can come and bring her treats to you.
 Lillian has been sold.
Thank you very much!
 Except for the bodies and underwear,
much of the fabrics and notions for the outfits
are either antique or vintage.
Please accept small imperfections
as part of their charm! 
I name, date and sign all of my dolls
on the back of their underpants, or under the base.
I try to get an accurate color in my pictures,
but sometimes there is a slight difference
in color.
It you have questions, please e-mail me.
As stated on my side bar, all sales are final.
N.Y., N.J., and C.T. customers must pay tax.
I hope you have enjoyed my new creations.
God bless,


  1. Amazing! I am not sure which is my favorite...but my Mom always called me Laurie! :) Love you!

  2. Чудо, как хороши! Браво!!!